undulating colored pathways run along PLAT ASIA's sports park in china

PLAT ASIA undertakes the transformation of the ‘SHIJIE’ urban square in Kangbashi District, Ordos, China, into the Ordos Smart Sports Park. The sports park responds to the diverse landscape of the area, including deserts, steppes, and rivers, integrating these elements into the spatial experience. The design implements a micro-terrain mirroring the slow slopes and upsweeps and forming blocks of dunes in a slow slope. The steppe’s grassland acts as the park’s background while reimagined undulated rivers shape dynamic circulation routes. The park’s layout, derived from local land texture, features a circular runway representing the river, a blue runway symbolizing the sky and river reflection, and five functional arrays catering to various age groups and exercise habits.

all images by Holi Landscape Photography Air Rib Mobile Spaces

undulating colored pathways run along PLAT ASIA's sports park in china

The comprehensive sports park includes football and basketball courts, tennis and badminton courts, a kids’ square, a bike field, an exercise area for elders, and a new gate ball stadium. The central architecture houses the kids’ playground, management service center, and a roof lookout offering panoramic views. Maintaining the character of woodland pasture, the design by PLAT ASIA encourages human-scale leisure activities. Besides natural tree shelters, membrane structure pavilions in different spaces support comfortable resting areas along the tracks and courts and outline diverse scenes within the park. Landscape design provides the feeling of safety and ensures a connection with nature achieving a balanced and nature-infused urban square that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

name: Ordos Smart Sports Park architect: PLAT ASIA | @platasia

design team: Zhang Xiaozhan, Wang Xiaochun, Guo Lulu, He Xiaohui, Guo Xin, Yang Lu, Ma Xuan, Hao Qiang, Ji Lei, Bi Baihui, Liu Yuan, Zhu Feng, Zheng Yubin, Yu Siyang, Yang Geng, Yang Dongmei , Xue Heng, Liu Mei

clients: Kangbashi District Forestry and Greenery Service Center, Ordos

construction: HUACHENGBOYUAN Engineering Technology Group Construction

construction supervision: Inner Mongolia SHOUXIN Construction Supervision Co., Ltd.

location: Kangbashi district, Ordos, China

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edited by: christina vergopoulou | designboom

undulating colored pathways run along PLAT ASIA's sports park in china

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