Finding a Trash Can That Doesn’t Look Like Garbage | Architectural Digest

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Finding a Trash Can That Doesn’t Look Like Garbage | Architectural Digest

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By Sydney Wasserman and Michelle Mastro

Let’s be honest, a trash can is probably the last thing on your decor shopping list. And for good reason: It’s not the sexiest thing by design. (Who cares about a bulky bin you can’t even use as a pedestal to lean art or stack books on?) But a good waste basket deserves just as much consideration as your bedding or dinnerware, because it gets the job done. Plus your garbage bin is more than likely out in the open for easy access and for all to see. Convenience is king after all! Now, what constitutes a good trash can? We reached out to Lauren Robbins of Lauren Robbins Interiors for some of her picks for stylish yet functional trash receptacles. Check out this list of her and our favorites in every size and style:

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A classic shape cloaked in a dark green, this garbage can is hands-free and opens easily with a foot pedal. Typically, refrigerators are the main focal point in a kitchen, but this trash can could be a close second.

Picnic basket meets waste bin. “I love the natural woven look of this pool-house chic trash can,” Lauren says. With its simple opening, wide interior, and metal liner, you could spend “more time by the pool or at the cookout and less time cleaning up.”

This space-saving tiny trash can is perfect for small spaces. Place it in your office nook or make it one of your top picks for a small kitchen.

“The natural fibers and rich texture of this Tava Handwoven Rattan Wastebasket from Pottery Barn add just enough style to a powder room or office,” Lauren says.

In terms of plastic trash cans, you can’t get more stylish than this. It can be used for trash or as a recycling bin, as the neat wood handle makes it simple to pull out from under any kitchen countertop.

This Amazon basics piece has a rubber ring to protect floors from scratches. Plus, the large stainless-steel swing top flap at the opening of this receptacle seals snugly for odor control, making it one of the best kitchen trash cans.

“Keep the fingerprints at bay with the hands-free technology of this Rubbermaid trash can,” Lauren says. She likes this unit for “its slim design and low profile.” It’s great for under-counter built-in trash bins, she adds. With a wave of the hand, the sensor can open the lid. Not to mention, this automatic trash can has a motion sensor with an adapter to keep the lid open for longer cleanup jobs.

This item has a chic stainless-steel exterior wire encasing its removable inner bucket. It’s so stylish but practical that you won’t want it to be just another under-counter garbage bin.

Though the modern material offers a peek-a-boo view into what’s hiding inside this trash can, the right garbage bags can take care of any unwanted spills or camouflage smudges.

Lauren says she loves the look of this fun bin, “as it is functional and pretty enough to put on display.” Be warned, with such a cool design, you might not want to pop in any trash bags.

This hand-woven rattan bin is petite but functional, perfect for a bedroom or small bath.

This trash has a metal surface, making it more fingerprint-resistant. Use it under an office table, where it can be seen but out of mind simultaneously.

A 10.6-gallon trash can, this item is great for large families. It is also silent with a soft-close lid and stainless-steel step peddle. Its surfaces are colorful and fingerprint proof.

This waste bin is made from renewable, biodegradable bamboo. The open but removable lid top means you don’t need a step pedal.

This trash can’s significant corner makes it easy to tuck away beside any stainless-steel finish appliance. The sturdy polypropylene plastic makes it great as a compost bin too.

As a step-on trash can, the lid opens and closes securely for odor protection. Plus it’s completely touchless.

Love an elevated look? This marble trash can might be for you.

The material doubles as a work of art.

No locking lid here, making it easy to pop balls of paper into this office wastebasket.

This trash can is an absolute statement piece.

Finding a Trash Can That Doesn’t Look Like Garbage | Architectural Digest

Outdoor Waste Receptacles Commercial “Rattan never goes out of style—this William Sonoma lacquered trash can has the perfect amount of texture and interest to keep it from being a bore,” Lauren says.