Panasonic Reveals OLED, Mini-LED & LED/LCD TVs for 2023 -

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North American videophiles are out of luck again when it comes to Panasonic’s OLED, Mini-LED, and LED TVs for 2023. Japanese, European, and Middle Eastern consumers win big with some excellent new models. Aluminum Cnc Machining

Panasonic Reveals OLED, Mini-LED & LED/LCD TVs for 2023 -

For those that live in the UK, Japan, Ireland, most of Europe, and other select markets including parts of the Middle East and Africa, Panasonic has announced the forthcoming availability of its 2023 TV lineup which includes several 4K UHD Smart OLED, Mini-LED, and LED/LCD TV models. 

Tip: Panasonic does not market TVs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, or China.

Once the go-to-brand when Plasma TVs were in their prime, Panasonic’s TV business hasn’t been the same since those sets were discontinued in 2014.

What makes this limited market distribution a sore point with consumers is that Panasonic TVs are well-reviewed as some of the best on the market, especially their OLED models, and it looks like their 2023 lineup is not going to disappoint those that have the opportunity to purchase one. 

Tip: Panasonic has become an official partner of Activision/Blizzard for Diablo IV

For those that live in a Panasonic TV market, here are brief highlights of what their 2023 OLED and mid-to-high-end LED/LCD TV models offer. 

Tip: The product page links provided are from Panasonic’s UK and Ireland Website.  Panasonic 2023 OLED TVs MZ2000 Series  Panasonic MZ2000 Series OLED 4K TV

This is Panasonic’s 2023 flagship TV that was first shown at the 2023 CES. Why they showed this model at CES is a mystery because it was never intended to be available in the U.S.; a move that makes consumers more frustrated that Panasonic isn’t in the U.S. market.

That being said, this model series has top-notch features including an LG Display Meta OLED panel. This includes MLA (Micro Lens Array) with boosted OLED brightness levels right up there with some of the best LCD-based TVs. To maintain brightness stability, Panasonic also includes its own heat-sink feature. Panasonic labels this panel/heatsink structure as “Master OLED Ultimate.”

Tip: The OLED Meta panel is not used on the 77-inch model. 

The HCX Pro AI processor and Hollywood tuning ensure accurate color and HDR picture quality. HDR support includes both HDR10+ Adaptive (developed by Samsung) and Dolby Vision IQ. 

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Filmmaker Mode is also included which disables all unnecessary picture and motion processing that distracts from the accurate display of film-based content. 

New gaming features for 2023 include NVIDIA G-Sync Compatibility, True Game Mode, Source-Based Tone Mapping (SBTM), and Game Sound Modes.

Panasonic’s proprietary 360° Soundscape Pro (with Dolby Atmos) is further enhanced by an upgraded Bass Booster algorithm for better low-frequency output.

The MZ2000 includes Panasonic’s My Home Screen (ver 8.0) Smart TV OS.

Available in the following screen sizes: TX-77MZ2000 (77-inches): Price Coming Soon TX-65MZ2000 (65-inches): Price Coming Soon TX-55MZ2000 (55-inches): Price Coming Soon MZ1500 Series Panasonic MZ1500 Series OLED TV

The MZ1500 shares many features of the MZ2000 but incorporates a step-down “Master OLED Pro” panel (LG display OLED EX) which doesn’t include the added benefit of MLA technology. However, Panasonic still includes its heatsink system. 

The MZ1500 also includes the same HCX Pro AI processor, Filmmaker Mode, HDR10+ Adaptive, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos sound system, and gaming features as the MZ2000. 

However, for more placement flexibility, the MZ1500 has a swivel base. The TV also incorporates Dynamic Theatre Surround Pro (includes Dolby Atmos) delivered via front-firing speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

The MZ1500 includes Panasonic’s My Home Screen (ver 8.0) Smart TV OS.

The MZ1500 is being made in the 42, 48, 55, and 65-inch sizes, but available screen size options are location dependent – check your local dealer. Panasonic TX-65MZ1500 (65-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-55MZ1500 (55-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-48MZ1500 (48-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-42MZ1500 (42-inches): Price Coming Soon MZ980 Series Panasonic MZ980 Series OLED 4K TV

The MZ980 is only available in the UK (the near equivalent model for other markets will be designated as the MZ1000).

This TV model series incorporates an OLED EX panel from LG Display without added MLA or Panasonic’s heat sink technologies (labeled simply as 4K OLED). As a result, this TV can’t get as bright as the MZ1500. 

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The MZ980 features the same HCX Pro AI processor as the MZ2000 and MZ15900 for precise video upscaling and processing. 

Other features include True Game Mode, FreeSync and G-Sync, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), my Home Screen 8.0, and Theatre Surround Pro (includes Dolby Atmos).

The MZ980 includes Panasonic’s My Home Screen (ver 8.0) Smart TV OS.

The MZ980 comes in the following screen sizes. Panasonic TX-55MZ980 (55-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-48MZ980 (48-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-42MZ980 (42-inches): Price Coming Soon MZ800 Panasonic MZ800

One distinguishing feature of this model series is that it incorporates the Android TV platform (which also includes Chromecast Built-in) instead of Panasonic’s My Home Screen 8.0.

HDR10+ and Dolby Vision are supported but not HDR10+ Adaptive or Dolby Vision IQ. Dynamic Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos are included as well as a built-in subwoofer. 

The MZ800 is available in the following screen sizes: Panasonic TX-65MZ800 (65-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-55MZ800 (55-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-48MZ800 (48-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-42MZ800 (42-inches): Price Coming Soon MZ700 Series

This TV is almost identical to the MZ800 (including the inclusion of Android TV with Chromecast Built-in) but without a built-in subwoofer or HDR10+ Adaptive support.

The Panasonic MZ700 comes in the following screen sizes (official product pages coming soon).  Panasonic TX-65MZ700 (65-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-55MZ700 (55-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-48MZ700 (48-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-42MZ700 (42-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic 2023 LED/LCD Models

Although Panasonic’s TV emphasis is on OLED, they are offering two mid-to-high-end LED/LCD TVs for 2023 MX950 Series Panasonic MX950 Series Mini-LED/Quantum Dot TV

What makes this model exciting is it that utilizes Mini-LED backlighting combined with Quantum Dot color enhancement (the first time for Panasonic). For those that can’t afford or aren’t interested in OLED TV, this is your next best option. Although it won’t be able to display absolute black or have as wide of an effective viewing angle as an OLED TV, many consumers will find that it provides an excellent viewing option for brightly lit rooms.  

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Additional features include the HCX Pro AI Processor,  Filmmaker Mode, and Game Mode Extreme with AMD FreeSync Premium. HDR capability includes HDR10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ. Dolby Atmos is also supported via Panasonic Dynamic Theater Surround.

The MX950 also includes Panasonic’s my Home Screen ver 8.0 Smart TV OS.

The Panasonic MX950 comes in the following screen sizes: Panasonic TX-65MX950 (65-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-55MX950 (55-inches): Price Coming Soon MX800 Series Panasonic MX800 Series LED/LCD Fire TV

This Panasonic TV model series employs standard full array LED backlight (no miniLED or Quantum Dots) that Panasonic labels  “HDR Cinema Display” which will still appeal to many consumers. 

To boost picture quality, the MX800 incorporates Panasonic’s original HCX Processor. It doesn’t provide as much refinement as the rest of the models in this list but is designed to provide a pleasing result. 

HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support is also included but not the more precise HDR10+ Adaptive or Dolby Vision IQ.

Another interesting feature of the MX800 is that instead of providing the My Home Screen or Android OS, it incorporates Amazon’s Fire TV OS streaming platform. 

In support of Fire TV OS, the TV works with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, using the bundled Voice Remote. 

The MX800 comes in the following screen sizes.  Panasonic TX-75MX800 (75-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-65MX800 (65-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-55MX800 (55-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-50MX800 (50-inches): Price Coming Soon Panasonic TX-43MX800 (43-inches): Price Coming Soon Related Reading LG Begins Roll-Out Of 2023 4K And 8K OLED TVs Samsung’s 2023 4K QD-OLED TVs Offer Some Very Unique Features 2023 Sony A80L and A95L OLED TVs Are Up To 200% Brighter Than Last Year

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Pioneer/Panasonic were leaders in the Plasma space for several years. I had two of the Panasonic Plasma’s (54″/37″) which I gave a away a few years back to some friends (the 54″ had a green vertical line that wouldn’t go away, but they still wanted it, and the 37″ was still working perfectly). Your articles explains why I never saw Panasonic offerings in the States with newer tech. I replaced the Panasonics with Sony OLEDs and they’ve been great, but would’ve cross-shopped them with the above. Any good reason why they’re not in NA TV market?

After the demise of Plasma – Panasonic just couldn’t compete well in the LED/LCD space against Samsung and the aggressive China-based brands. Also, LG and Sony dominate the NA OLED TV market.

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