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Caman Engineering is a leading Australian manufacturer, stockist and supplier of industrial pipeline flange solutions for the oil and gas sector. Welding Neck Flange

Caman Engineering - Offshore Technology

Caman Engineering is a leading Australian manufacturer, stockist and supplier of industrial pipeline flange solutions for the oil and gas sector.

We are also one of the country’s premier providers of high-quality Tubesheet and Baffle plates for heat exchangers, which are carefully developed and manufactured in-house using the latest state-of-the-art, computer-aided drilling equipment. Marine pipeline flanges and heat exchanger components

Caman is a certified and well-trusted provider of robust pipeline flange systems and heat exchanger parts for all Australia-based oil and gas organisations.

The company stocks both standard and specialised Flanges that have been optimised for heavy wall pipe or high-pressure activities, including products that are currently not offered by any other supplier in the country. Caman Engineering has the largest stocked range of pipeline flanges in Australia. Caman's large tubesheets are produced by special-purpose CNC drilling machines. Caman manufactures long weld neck flanges in a range of sizes. Caman manufactures baffle plates for use in heat exchangers. Caman manufactures weld neck orifice flange sets for use in metering applications.

All our imported flange units have been produced by credible and well-established manufacturers and are fully compliant with all major offshore, petrochemical, mining and contracting industry standards to ensure excellent results and outstanding build quality.

We are fully accredited to Lloyd’s Register (LR) ISO 9001 quality management standards and our operations are covered by New South Wales’ (NSW) health and safety body Workcover Australia. Flanges, plates and pipe fittings for offshore sites

Caman is able to manufacturer and supply an extensive range of pipeline flanges in accordance with Australian, US, UK, European and Japanese industrial specifications.

Our dedicated production staff also specialise in the fabrication of orifice flanges and plates, special pressure vessel flanges, spectacle binds and forged pipe fittings to ensure customers are provided with a solution for all their unique valve component needs.

We also carry out specialist sub-contract machining projects upon request. Bespoke flanges and orifice plates for offshore applications

Caman is able to fabricate large custom flange units to address a wide array of project specifications.

For example, we manufactured a 2,590mm-diameter, 475mm-thick industrial flange with an inside diameter of 2,080mm for Australian oil and gas firm Woodside using our largest vertical boring machine.

The company can also produce highly durable weld-neck orifice flange sets for metering applications, in addition to hard-wearing, stainless-steel orifice plates for insertion between the two flange systems. Large forged nozzles and tubesheets for subsea operations

Caman’s versatile manufacturing capabilities include the production of large forged nozzles from both locally sourced and imported materials using its in-house vertical boring systems.

The company’s facility houses a total of seven vertical borers featuring a maximum turning capacity of 2,650mm-diameter by 1,900mm-high.

Furthermore, our expert personnel are able to fabricate durable tubesheets of various sizes using our special-purpose computer numerical control (CNC) drilling machine.

We recently successfully delivered a 2,747mm-diameter, 310mm-thick tubesheet for a project being conducted by Woodside. Its weight was roughly 13t before drilling, which was subsequently reduced to 9t. Large baffle plates for heat exchangers

Caman manufactures an array of baffle plates for industrial heat exchangers, which are designed for optimum compatibility with the system’s tube sheets.

We stack-drill our baffle plate components at our CNC machining facility using advanced tugsten carbide drills to ensure consistent high-quality and accuracy. Long-weld-neck flanges and radius-end nozzles for marine equipment

Caman provides long-weld-neck flange units in a variety of sizes in accordance with customers’ individual specifications, including large components greater than 2,000mm in diameter when required.

We also offer radius-ended nozzles, which are purpose-configured for mounting onto the side of a pressure vessel.

Caman conducts all machining work at the company’s cutting-edge CNC production centre using professional, high-performance tungsten carbine cutting tools to ensure maximum precision, accuracy and efficiency. Forged steel valves for marine projects

Caman stocks a comprehensive line of valves to suit a wide variety of operational needs, including ball, globe, needle, gate, check and cast-iron butterfly valves manufactured from heavy-duty stainless-steel, forged steel and cast steels depending on customer requirements. The company also offers Y-type strainer components with either threaded or flanged ends.

Our systems can be provided in a range of configurations such as screwed, flanged, water, socketed and gear boxes with different sealing options, including Teflon, Nitrile, Viton and EPDM rubber.

Additionally, we are able to optimise our valve units for fire-safe, high-temperature, extra-resilient seats and other specialist applications where necessary.

Caman provides industrial ball valves in a wide selection of configurations, for example: 150lb BSP, NPT or flanged stainless-steel 800lb, non-flanged National Pipe Thread (NPT) or socket weld (SW) A105 steel 300lb, fire-safe two-piece NPT A105 steel Latest marine industry specifications Imported specialist flanges for the oil and gas industry

Caman imports a wide portfolio of flange units that are optimised for critical petrochemical applications, including: ANSI B16.5 carbon-steel and stainless-steel flanges ASME B16.47 Series A / B large-diameter carbon-steel flanges AS2129 MS plate flanges BS3293 large-diameter carbon-steel  flanges

We also stock a varied selection of specialist flanges, large forgings and tubesheet blanks to address an all-inclusive range of operational requirements. About Caman Engineering

NSW-based Caman Engineering initially began operation in 1954 as a manufacturer and provider of flange units for offshore and mining applications, which were primarily fabricated in-house using locally sourced metals.

The company has since expanded its product catalogue to comprise a wide selection of imported solutions from other manufacturers, and now offers one of Australia’s largest selections of ex-stock flange components.

Our entire range of components is covered in our comprehensive library of data sheets, which can be supplied to give further information regarding the materials, dimensions and capabilities of each product.

Caman’s product line is constantly evolving in response to customer demand and the company maintains a large stock of ready-to-ship items to ensure the shortest lead-times possible. Additional products can be ordered in to address clients’ specialist requirements upon request.

Leading pipeline flange systems specialist Caman Engineering WA is pleased to announce the completion of the company’s newly purpose-built 3,000m2 manufacturing site in Canning Vale, Western Australia.

Established in 1954 to provide services to the petrochemical and mining industries, Caman Engineering is now Australia's largest independent valve and pipeline flange stockist and manufacturer.

Alligin and Vorlich fields are two offshore oilfields in the North Sea, UK, that are being developed as satellite fields by BP and its partners.

Caman Engineering - Offshore Technology

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